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SHN CIBC Breast Clinic

CLIENT Scarborough Health Network

LOCATION General Hospital, 3030 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough ON

The Challenge

SHN Breast Clinic required an upgrade to the Examining Room, Waiting Room and Lobby.
The facilities were originally built in the 1960s and the surgeon wished to create a refreshed environment in which patients feel calm, safe and supported. The project had a limited budget as the space will only be in use for another 5 to 7 years before moving to a new facility.


Design Process

  • Worked closely with the foundation doctors, nurses and facilities team

  • Collaborated with the lead surgeon who desired a nature theme setting throughout clinic

  • Designed a functional and inspiring surgeon Examining Room

  • Revamped the waiting room to create more comfortable and private settings

  • Augmented the reception area to create ergonomically functional design for
    better patient reception and staff work flow.



  • New flooring, lighting, paint and furniture in the Examining Room
    and waiting room following hospital standards and style guide

  • Customized cabinetry and change room

  • Custom fabricated lighting features in the Examining Room

  • Unique nature themed graphics throughout clinic


SHN Breast Clinic received a significant aesthetic lift. The Examining Room now functions
as a space that reflects the committed professionalism and caring spirit of the exceptional surgeons who use it.

"The clinic was in need of a refresh and with a large donor gift we wanted to use these funds to uplift the atmosphere so patients can feel comfortable and receive treatment in
a warm and inviting space. Weav pushed boundaries to give us that makeover in 2020." — 
Dr. Nadine Norman - Surgeon


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