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Future Cities Centre

CLIENT Evergreen Brick Works

LOCATION TD Future Cities Centre, 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto ON

The Challenge

In the inaugural launch of The City Builders Gallery, Evergreen wished to create an exhibit about city building from the perspective of both a city builder and city dwellers. Evergreen wished
to create a dynamic and immersive experience within the gallery space that made good use
of the unique industrial characteristics of the space.


Design Process

  • Interviewed 20 leading city builders in the Toronto region, documenting their stories
    and perspectives about city building past, present and future

  • Developed audio/video narratives that distilled content from city builders’ interviews

  • Video shoots in Toronto and Vancouver to capture scenes that illustrated the urban condition



  • Four large scale rear projection video screens

  • Six single source sound speakers that created a soundscape throughout the space

  • Collaborated with Urban Visuals to create multiple elaborate lighting installations

  • 30 custom light boxes to share quotations from city builders

  • Six AV stations that share the city builders’ stories and perspectives

  • Artistic graphics integrated into the kiln brick facade and preexisting graffiti

  • Building materials demonstration exhibits with embedded motion sensors that activated the voices of city builders speaking about issues of livability, sustainable and affordability


This multi-media exhibit was a featured space at the launch of the Future Cities Centre. The installation invited visitors to explore the space and consider how the city shapes us, and how we can shape our city.  In exploring critical challenges to advancing sustainable and livable urban environments, the exhibit remind us that cities are a constantly being reinvented and informed by urban visionaries.

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